Iris Gildea : Astrology for Healing Trauma


Recorded : June 25, 2023

This talk will focus on astrology as a modality for healing. From the perspective of evolutionary astrology and its focus on the soul’s call for healing in this lifetime, I discuss the Moon, Chiron and Pluto in terms of emotional wellbeing, wound tending and transformation. Discussion of the archetypes and how these archetypes need to evolve amidst contemporary social realities will combine with interpretations of the myths and their influence on individual and collective evolution. This talk will also offer reflections for working intentionally with embodying the healing energy of these archetypes. Embodiment is especially pertinent for Pluto whose power is so often externalized from the individual psyche rather than integrated as a transformative call for growth and healing.

Iris J. Gildea
is an Evolutionary Astrologer and a Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Toronto. Her work as an Astro Coach is greatly informed by her scholarship and practice in feminist trauma theory. She recently published an article in OPA’s Career Astrologer on Embodiment in Astrology in light of the Scorpio/Taurus Nodal Axis. In addition to astrology and teaching, her passions include being in nature as much as possible with her dog, Gus.

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