Kathy Rose: Freedom From Fate


Recorded: May 2023

Two people can have the same horoscope yet live them on very different levels. Why? The soul gets to choose whether to express the highest vibes or the shadow or somewhere in between. Perhaps our job as astrologers is to help inspire clients to activate the highest expression of their chart. Freedom will allow us to view the entire spectrum of possibilities in how a client may express their chart. The first thing the astrologer needs to do is to listen carefully – to learn how the client is living their horoscope. We must always remember the human in the horoscope.

For 39 years, Kathy Rose has been a full-time consulting astrologer and teacher with a thriving practice. Highest-honors graduate, Noel Tyl’s Master’s course, frequently published in Mountain Astrologer, with an engaging YouTube channel. She hosts and teaches the annual Empowered Astrology Conference, and lectures often for Edgar Cayce’s Association, NCGR, ISAR, and many local chapters. Kathy also produces and hosts The Maverick Podcast.

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