John Marchesella — Secondary Progressions: The Acorn and the Oak Tree


Secondary Progressions do not make us something other than what we were born to be. On the contrary, they make us more of who we were always meant to be, more of who we are! Secondary Progressions are the unfolding of the natal potential, not the shifting gears away from the chart. They describe the growth that we are really “ready” for. Often misunderstood or misused, learn how to use them accurately in prediction and counseling with transits and eclipses. Simple, easy-to-use examples will be presented.

John Marchesella, professional full-time astrologer since 1976. NCGR-PAA fully certified as a Consulting Astrologer and designed its mentoring program. Frequent speaker at UAC, NCGR National and local conferences. Author of many articles in various astrological publications as well as a contributing author to “Under One Sky.” Current President of NCGR-New York and Education Director. Previous Chair of NCGR-National. Certified in Bereavement Counseling from St. Vincent’s Hospice, NY, also certified as a Jungian and Humanistic Psychotherapist from Temenos Institute, CT. Consulting astrologer, teacher and mentor.