Shu Yap: Firdaria & Early Childhood Chapters


Recorded : December 2021

Firdaria is an ancient Persian technique that divides life into small chapters, each ruled by one or two planets. Using the foundation of Sect and the Chaldean order, a plan for the first 75 years of life can be mapped out. Understanding the nature and condition of these ruling planets is key to discerning what the current task of the individual’s development is as they unfold through the years. In the first 9 (Nocturnal) and 10 (Diurnal) years of life, the individual will have lived through combinations of all planets, creating a diary of early childhood experiences from which to reflect upon when planets are reactivated in later years. Firdaria is an elegant, profound and reliable technique that can be used to analyse lifetime trajectories as well as yearly predictions. Applying it to early childhood shows how we can better support the development of children.

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