Wendy Stacey: Muddy Waters Can Clear


Jupiter and Uranus will conjoin in April 2024 at 21 Taurus. When these planets (the provokers) conjoin, we often see major advancements and discoveries. In the sign of Taurus, we can expect this to occur in areas of finance and economy, territories and land demarcation, design and craftsmanship, the physical body and our senses, to name just a few… This talk will look at what we can learn from the past to understand what might unfold from this exciting conjunction.

Wendy Stacey (BA, MA, Dip LSA) is the principal of the international Mayo School of Astrology (since 2007) and Chair of the Astrological Association (since 2002). She has written numerous articles for the Astrological Journal and is the author of Consulting With Astrology (2012) and Uranus Square Pluto (2012). She has contributed to The New Generation (2012), The Professional Astrologer (2016) and Bitcoin (2018). In 2014, Wendy received the Charles Harvey award for ‘Exceptional Service to Astrology’. Wendy is also a tutor on the MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology course at the University of Wales.